OSHA Launches Online Resource to Find Authorized Trainers

OSHA pic

Image: OSHA.gov

Jon Schorsch studied for his JD at Seattle University School of Law and has completed internships with the King County Department of Public Defense and Teamsters Local 117. In his legal career, Jon Schorsch has developed a thorough understanding of employment-related legislation and regulations related to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Created by an act of Congress in 1970, OSHA is the federal agency responsible for ensuring safe work environments across the country. The agency functions under the aegis of the Department of Labor and is led by the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health. To better serve American workers and employers, OSHA maintains a number of initiatives, including a training outreach program.

The OSHA outreach training program offers 10- and 30-hour courses divided into four categories: construction, general industry, maritime industry, and disaster site workers. Participants who complete the entire course receive an OSHA card proving their attendance and completion.

Authorized trainers conduct all OSHA courses, some of which can be taken online. In April 2018, the agency established an online portal that makes it easier to find not only authorized online trainers, but also authorized local trainers. To learn more about the outreach-training program or find a trainer near you, visit www.osha.gov.


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