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Jon Schorsch’s Tips and Tricks for Water Skiers

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

A passionate water-skier, Jon Schorsch takes advantage of any opportunity to get in the water and enjoy the sport he loves. For individuals at the beginning stages, or looking to get into the sport of waterskiing, here are a few helpful tips for maximum enjoyment behind the boat.

1. Find a comfortable rhythm. Beginning water skiers often have trouble with the anticipation of speed and power. To help this, try making turns wide and slow. This way, you can enhance your balance and eliminate some of the fears associated with the turning and edging.
2. Maintain a strong start with a solid foundation. To achieve this, focus on squaring your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles, and make sure that your entire body is lined up and balanced while you are getting up and once you have started planing. Your core position is the most integral part of the sport.
3. If you utilize buoys, assert your angle of attack before you’re pulled up to full speed. By doing this, you can focus on acceleration rather than your direction.
4. In slalom waterskiing, learning how to round buoys is essential. For optimal performance in this maneuver, roll onto the edge of your ski using your body’s natural motion. Think about achieving a maximum sustainable angle without an overuse of muscle. Allowing yourself this more natural position will greatly improve your buoy turns.
5. Always take a look at the rope before the boat accelerates. A broken rope mid-course can lead to serious injury. Also take the time to inspect all of your gear before each outing.