Donating to Sight Connection


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Sight Connection

A graduate of the Seattle University School of Law, Jon Schorsch possesses extensive experience with employment-related topics such as OSHA compliance, EEOC regulations, and COBRA in his legal career. Outside of his work as an attorney, Jon Schorsch maintains involvement with a number of charities and nonprofit groups that support individuals with visual impairments. He formerly served on the board of directors of the nonprofit organization Sight Connection.

Founded in 1965 as Community Services for the Blind, Sight Connection has grown over the past half-century to become one of the Pacific Northwest’s leading nonprofit organizations supporting those with vision loss. The organization primarily focuses on individuals age 55 and older through programs such as a low-vision clinic, an independent living aids store, and education and counseling.

To support its programs, Sight Connection relies on grants and donations from individuals and organizations. Interested donors have a number of options for providing financial support, including making tax-deductible cash gifts online or through the mail. Sight Connection also accepts gifts of stock and IRA-related donations from investors, which can be a tax-advantaged way to lower capital gains tax while supporting a good cause.

Sight Connection also offers options for individuals who want to make recurring gifts, legacy gifts, and bequests in wills. For those who would like to support the organization non-monetarily, Sight Connection accepts donations of clothing and household items at drop boxes throughout the Seattle metropolitan area.


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