Mediation under Volunteers of America


Volunteers of America Mediationpic

Volunteers of America Mediation

An attorney and former police officer, Jon Schorsch is experienced in the many facets of employment law, labor relations, and civil and criminal investigations. Passionate about community service, Jon Schorsch supports Volunteers of America Mediation, an organization that promotes mediation as an alternative form of dispute resolution.

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution where people with a dispute sit together in the presence of an impartial mediator to discuss the problem and find a mutually-agreeable solution. The process is voluntary and absolutely confidential. It can be used to settle family, neighborhood, workplace, landlord/tenant, and business disputes.

During mediation, the mediator, a neutral third party, will begin by explaining the mediation process and setting out the procedure for everyone to follow. Next, each party will make his or her statement without interruption, and then the mediator will facilitate discussion while working toward a mutually-agreeable solution. Negotiation is done without violating the requirements of good faith and open communication. Once an agreeable solution is arrived at, it is put in writing.

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